Euthanasia Ki Akhlaaqi Hesiiyat: Tajaziyati Motaaleh


  • Maryam Saleem & Sumaira Rabia


Euthanasia is getting popular day by day and it's proponents present different argument in favor of it's ethical justification. According to them it is the basic right of every human being to decide about its life and death. If life becomes unbearably painful it's better to die rather to live in such conditions. we have the right to end our life if its standard become low and we become a burden on our family, relatives and society. Moreover its against the kindness that we allow to live patients with incurable and painful diseases. But the teachings of Quran and Sunnah donot justify these arguments of proponents of Euthanasia. We donot have any right to end our lives whenever and in whatever way we want. Life is a gift given to us by Allah so only Allah has the right to decide it's end.




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