Seerat ul Nabi (Saw) Kalaam e Iqbal Kay Aaenay Mai


  • Shagufta Firdous & Yasmeen


Mankind was introduced to Islam by the our beloved prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). Allah acknowledged greatness of this precious Being in the Qur'an and made his obedience necessary with His obedience. His praise has been the favorite subject of our Ummah. In every period and era, scholars and poets paid tribute to his charismatic personality in their own styles. One of the great names of them is Allama Iqbal who is devoted to his love of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Especially in his poetry he presented his comprehensiveness and integrity as a practical model of the Qur'anic teaching. Iqbal's poetry presents Holy Prophet's (PBUH) character as example for the Ummah. Iqbal strongly desired mankind and especially Muslims to follow Holy Prophet's (PBUH) teaching to succeed in this world and hereafter




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