Tafseer e Quran Aur Dalaalat e Siyaaq


  • Dr. Noreen Butt


The importance of context in exegesis of the Qur'an has always been well-appreciated by commentators. Sahaba, Tabeen and tab- e- Tabeen, often used this method of commentary. Although it has been an important method of exegesis but as a technical term Imam Shafi'i, a technical scholar, first established a regular chapter in his book alRusala for this method. What matters in the verse will be included in Context? The opinions of the modern researchers differ, in the view of some The context is limited to the connectivity of the dialogue only while in opinion of some scholars, context is also encompassed motives and circumstance along with words and phrases. Despite this debate, interpretation with context indications is an important form of commentary.




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